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🕷👩‍🔧10 Things - Issue #179 - Five whys, Lego engineers and Spider-Verse





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April 5 · Issue #179 · View online
10 Things
How being annoying leads you to the core of a decision, Lego is about to turn a whole generation into engineers, and an in-depth breakdown of the amazing Spider-Verse.

1. Why, why, why, why, & why? (Always ask why five times).
2. Learn how to program with Lego Spike.
3. How animators created the Spider-Verse.
4. Long read: Deadlines are killing us, and almost everything else we know about leadership.
5. After Effects just stepped up their game with content-aware fill.
6. The ostrich robot apocalypse is rapidly approaching.
7. Use this 5-point checklist for diving into your next big, complex, systems-based challenge.
8. A magician explains that why our brain is constantly picturing what the future should be.
9. Human error, an important ingredient in great designs.
10. Don’t analyze how you spend your time. Pay attention to what consumes your attention.
They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
-Andy Warhol
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