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☎️ 10 Things - Issue #216 - Cute Cats, Algorithms and Bland Brands

September 18 · Issue #216 · View online
10 Things
This issue of 10 Things explores our oscillating relationship with changing technology – efficient automation at the cost of sameness, the highly sophisticated yet dark side of the internet, and new systems that can help us reclaim control from increasingly smarter machine-brains.
⚔️ Your Majesty

1. Gen Zers say Silicon Valley is elitist and exclusive. Can they build a new system?
2. Welcome to your bland new world of consumer capitalism.
3. In 1984, MUJI commissioned Haruomi Hosono to compose background music for their store.
4. We can all be the next face of Gucci — thanks to deepfakes.
5. A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?
6. New Zealand has a radical idea for fighting algorithmic bias.
7. Seven steps to benchmark your product’s UX.
8. A software engineer’s guide to cybernetics.
9. Cute illustrated kittens explain how HTTPS works.
10. Emily Ratajkowski on reclaiming her own image
“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind”
10 Things is a bi-weekly digest comprising the best reads, listens, videos, and websites that the internet has to offer. Every fortnight, we share a rare blend of strategy, design, technology, business updates, culture, and weird internet randomness.
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