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🎨 🧮💄 10 Things - Issue #253 Fine arts, streamlined metrics, and MVFW

March 18 · Issue #253 · View online
10 Things
Explore art from various centuries and European museums all in one place. Discover how teamwork inspires striving—or yet can encourage free-riding. And after PFW, MFW and NYFW, we’re extending the list with MVFW—indeed, Metaverse Fashion Week it is.
Read in, and enjoy.
⚔️ Your Majesty

Cover Design by Jessy Moreira.
Cover Design by Jessy Moreira.
1. Photography is not objective, art is a set of choices.
2. Generate your own art exhibitions.
3. Why some teams boost motivation while others totally sap it.
4. The quest for a killer KPI.
5. The first NBA broadcast rendered with volumetric video puts basketball in the uncanny valley.
6. The first Metaverse Fashion Week is happening this month.
7. Is fake it till you make it truly good advice or a setup for failure?
​​8. Does Wordle prove that we can have nice things on the Internet?
9. A brief computer graphics/rendering course.
10. 'Laziness Does Not Exist' author Devon Price on reframing the concept of lazy.
“Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.”
— Frank Chimero, Designer and Author
We hosted The Future of Fashion in The Metaverse at SXSW with an amazing line-up of speakers. Thank you to everyone who joined.
Our Strategy Director Viet and Managing Partner Georgios had a blast.
Our Strategy Director Viet and Managing Partner Georgios had a blast.
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