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🗿🌏🕹 10 Things - Issue #258 Omniverse, matches, and human-looking rocks.





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May 27 · Issue #258 · View online
10 Things
Finally, we got some insight into what makes TikTok so addicting. DALL-E continues to amaze us and Sony and Nvidia showed us what the future of gaming and AI-powered 3D graphics might look like. We learned a lot and are happy to share it with you folks.
⚔️ Your Majesty

1. Wired pulled back the curtain on how TikTok’s algorithm actually works.
2. The era of ‘Omnipresence’.
3. Martin built a train station by hand... in VR... on the PS5.
4. What would you post if you only got 100 posts for life? Go try it out at Minus.
5. @oo_kk_aa’s animated matches are *chef’s kiss*.
6. Gucci launched a gaming academy. Yup, for real.
7. Why you should stop saying ‘Happy to Help!’
8. Big consulting is jumping on the Metaverse.—here’s PWC’s point of view.
9. DALLE-2 Dreams of Haikus—we can’t get enough of it... Can we PLEASE get an invite soon?
10. Enough of AI trickery, here’s actual rocks that look like faces.
“Good design is as little as possible.”
— Dieter Rams (Happy 90th birthday, Dieter! 🎈)
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