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🐦🔥😈 10 Things - Issue #269 Twitter’s new owner, hard forks, and Amsterdam’s 2050 vision..

November 4 · Issue #269 · View online
10 Things
It’s been a lot going on in the tech world in the last few weeks. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably heard about “the Martian” and the bluebird. We only included one link about that, though. Additionally, generative AI’s momentum continues, and we found a soothing and insightful video about Amsterdam’s future. That and more in the 269th edition of 10 things.
⚔️ Your Majesty

"A dream with ten different shaped things spinning in a beautiful galaxy." — Dream Studio
"A dream with ten different shaped things spinning in a beautiful galaxy." — Dream Studio
1. Welcome to hell, Elon. 😈
2. If you want to leave Twitter, we dusted off this nifty guide.
3. Generative AI is here. But who should control it?
4. Human Intelligence news: Good and bad memories have separate real estate in the brain.
5. Europe prepares to rewrite the rules of the Internet.
6. Back to AI: More and more illustrators are represented in AI models...
7. Are you entitled to your own opinion?
8. The exploited labor behind AI.
9. How Amsterdam is becoming a new city.
10. Move fast and roll your own crypto.
“Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability - they shold go hand in hand.
— Donald Norman
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